The protection of the Congolese child in the post-conflict period – Political will needed

The protection of the child is a set of rights whose purpose is the interest of the child. It takes into account the physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs of minors who can not defend themselves in accordance with the law in force.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been living for years under tension from wars and conflicts. This has meant that many children are left alone in the face of their fate without any protection from their parents or the competent authority, despite the presence of Monusco. Congolese children are facing difficult situations that deserve the full attention of the international community.

Like any other country, the DRC struggle for property to be minor children. However, despite the efforts made, many children continue to be abused, discriminated against, accused of witchcraft, infected or affected by diseases, among others, HIV / AIDS or are trafficked. They are very often deprived of their rights to health care and education.

Worse still, many live on the streets, victims of social exclusion, economic, political and sexual exploitation, while others are forcibly associated with armed groups. The child is a being in the making. It is therefore vulnerable and deserves both attention and protection. But during the post-conflict period it is abandoned to its sad fate, the protection it should benefit is virtually nonexistent.

After the conflict, many children have been forced to leave their homes and are settled in other places and live in exceptional circumstances, and this leads them to acts of vandalism, prostitution, delinquency and early marriages, not to mention rapes. some of whom became daughter-mothers.

Despite the efforts of the Congolese authorities and the international community, the Congolese child is exposed during the post-conflict period and does not enjoy adequate protection and often the perpetrators of these atrocities go unpunished.



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