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We view education as the only effective remedy against underdevelopment. To this end, we are committed to: • Make available to people living in the DRC wishing to improve their academic and professional level, our knowledge and expertise in the field of studies, to help them achieve their academic goals • Intervene at all levels of the university registration process, from the collection of the components of the applicant's file, to his academic success, including his integration during his studies.


Train responsible, conscientious people who are ready to drive the positive change the world needs in their professional field


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Our Organization

Organization CEC Carrefour Kinshasa. 



We are a group of African students who make available to people wishing to improve their academic and professional levels whether in the DRC or elsewhere, our knowledge and expertise in the field of studies to help them achieve their goals.




My name is Nana Gabrielle Matuba Manga, born in Kinshasa on April 27, 1984. After living 6 years in the United States as an international student, I went to Canada for a month vacation to visit my mother and my two sisters in 2011. While working with Mrs. Solange Lefebvre -Pageau at the Center for Research and Family Life Education in Montreal, I was attracted by the desire of younger people to want to contribute and to get involved in the community. I quickly realized the impact that my contribution and my experience could bring to these young people. I then grasped my mission: to increase the awareness of black youth to express the values of their culture in their community.

My new mission is to accompany the members of the CCE Le Carrefour to discover and preserve our culture, which is the mirror of civilization and also to raise the educational level of candidates. Through art, theater and dance, which are my passion, young people learn to be proud of their identity and by doing so, working to maintain it and keep it becomes a voluntary responsibility. After obtaining my two bachelor's degrees in biology and in Communication studies in the US and a third one at the University of Sherbrooke, in Quebec, I gained a lot of experience that I put at the disposal of those who need it. I pledge to communicate my love for studies and my expertise to the youngest and to help preserve our culture; thus contributing to their development.


Marketing Specialist

My name is Eric MUKENDI. I hold a bachelor's degree in computer management and am currently working as an IT support technician in a Canadian insurance company. As an IT support technician, I help solve the IT problems that arise when IT tools (computers, applications, user accounts, passwords, etc.) stop working.


Graphic Designer

Born in KISANTU in the Democratic Republic of Congo on April 9, 1993. The youngest daughter of a family of six children made up especially of the girls of which I am the youngest. Passionate about music, dance and mathematics; I pursue my academic and professional ambitions in Canada far from my home country. That's how I put my talent to the service of those who need to flourish in Canada.

Jacques-Michel SANGASO

Lead Developer

My name is Jacques-Michel SANGASO and I was born in Kinshasa. After completing my secondary studies in Biochemistry in Kinshasa, I wanted to pursue university studies abroad without success. After starting university in Kinshasa, I finally got the opportunity to study in Canada.
Today, I have a Bachelor's degree in Mine Engineering and have accumulated more than 5 years of work experience.
Like other members, I also have a background that can contribute to the success of members who wish to continue their studies or work in Canada, both personally, socially, academically and professionally.

Marianne LUBU

On May 20, a young woman gave birth in Kinshasa to a girl named Marianne K. Lubu who is me. A young mother who is extremely passionate in the art of style. I immigrated to Canada more than 10 years ago. I had the opportunity to do my primary and secondary education here in Quebec and I am currently a student undergraduate university at the University of Montreal. I dream of contributing to the good development of my native country which is the Democratic Republic of Congo. That's why I bring my know-how to the Carrefour Cultural and Educational Center to help people in need. Be blessed!

Vision of Organization

We see education as the only effective remedy for underdevelopment. As a result, we are committed to facilitating the efforts of Congolese nationals wishing to pursue their studies in Canada in any field.

We intervene at every level of the process, from the gathering of the file as applicant to its success in a Canadian institution, through its integration during his studies. At the same time, we are also making it easier for Congolese to use their intellectual potential to enrich Canada by working as a professional.

Democratic Republic of Congo Video

This Nana’s video tour of her birthplace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Enjoy!!