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For purely charitable purposes and without any financial gain for its members, Le Carrefour undertakes to provide assistance to persons wishing to immigrate to Canada to study or as a qualified worker. The center offers educational upgrades to candidates to help them integrate into the job market and meet the level requirements for university education in Canada. The Carrefour offers services for all immigration procedures until the installation and integration of newcomers (advice, research studies, search for appropriate programs, scholarships, registration, forms, etc.)

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Cultural Activities

African makeup


    Theaters from home

    Fashion show

    Dance nights


  • Maquillage africain
  • Danse
  • Théâtres de chez nous
  • Defilé de mode
  • Soirées dansantes
  • Concerts


Training (French test preparation, English course, computer course, etc.)

    Help with homework

    University registration

    Research Scholarship

  • Formation ( Préparation au test de français, Cours d’anglais, cours d’informatique, etc.)
  • Aide aux devoirs
  • Inscription aux universités
  • Recherche des bourses d’études
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Workers Tutoring

Help with employment (CV preparation, cover letter, preparation for the job interview, etc.)     networking     Training (French course, English course, Computer course,)

  • Aide à l’emploi ( préparation CV, lettre de motivation, préparation à l’interview d”embauche, etc.)
  • Réseautage
  • Formation ( cours de français, cours d’anglais, cours d’informatique, )

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