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Useful Tips

Here are tips for Africans embarking on a new journey. These tips address their integration and acclimatization challenges

Unlike the natural reflex, it does not integrate easily by isolating oneself from one’s compatriots and by focusing only on Canadians.

Although this is an equally important aspect, it remains very vital to keep in touch with its sources, especially during the first few months. In addition to regularly giving news and taking news from relatives in the Congo or elsewhere, it is also necessary, locally, integrate activities, multicultural events, attend or participate in exchanges and discussions on the cultural experience.

The association of Congolese (which remains the second largest black community in Quebec) would be a perfect start to stay in touch with the Congo on a psychological level. The flip side would be to stay only in the Congolese or African environment, avoiding confronting the Canadian cultural reality for fear of rejection or for comfort. Canada remains one of the most open countries and has the means at all levels to facilitate integration.

Canadians’ open-mindedness is recognized worldwide by travelers all over the world who today claim to have chosen Canada to live there permanently because it remains very welcoming and warm (despite cold winter temperature).

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